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Wall’s Cornetto Taylor Swift Chocobery – Swiftify The Nation!

This is it! Wall’s Cornetto Taylor Swift Chocoberry


Last week, I was invited to the Wall’s Cornetto Chocoberry – Swiftify The Nation event at The Conservatory building, Jakarta. Basically, it’s a product launching event. I believe you guys already recognize the famous ice cream brand, Walls, right? Wall’s launched it’s new ice cream, Cornetto Chocoberry!

At this event, there’s a super unique corner called “Swifties Corner,” where we can find things related to Taylor Swift and a photo booth next to it. Before the event started, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and had a chit-chat with fellow bloggers and media. At this event, Andrie Kurniarahman, Wall’s Cornetto Brand Manager gave Rama Mahardika, the leader of Taylor Swift fans club in Indonesia a surprise, which is a free ticket + accommodation to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in LA! That’s a BIG surprise!

Swifties Corner

Fellow Swifties Indonesia

How’s The Wall’s Cornetto Chocoberry?

The taste was actually so-so, just like other Wall’s Cornetto series. I don’t really taste the strawberry, the chocolate part was okay. The ice cream melts quickly. What makes it different from the other Wall’s Cornetto series is because of all the Taylor Swift part. 

You can collect the Taylor Swift pictures on the top of packaging.

Chocoberry: Chocolate on one side, and strawberry on the other side.

Chocolate chips on top of it!

On top of that, by enjoying this Wall’s Cornetto Chocoberry, you can win points that you can exchange with prizes at . The main prize Taylor Swift’s concert in LA tickets you can win! Wow! This main prize includes 4 days trip to LA and pocket money for 2 persons! You can find code inside the packaging for points. The winner might be you 😉

Thank you Wall’s Cornetto for having me at this event!

The merchandise I got from the event

Me & fellow bloggers

For more info about this product, check:

Thank you for reading, see you on the next post!