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Food Testing – Al’s Catering Jakarta

Few weeks ago, my friend and I came to The White Elegance; The First Wedding Simulation Event which was held by The Izzara Condominium dan Al’s Catering (in collaboration with The Bride Story). In this event, there were food testing by Al’s Catering and talk-show about wedding. In this post, I’ll share about my awesome-food-testing experience! 😀

Lovely decoration at the dessert section

A Little Bit About Al’s Catering

Al’s Catering is one of the catering services based in Jakarta since early 90s. Now, Al’s Catering developed so much into one of the professional catering services and serves many kinds of food. The combination of authentic taste of foods, excellent service, and interesting plating shows their intention of satisfying costumers!

Anyways, here are the dishes I ate at the food testing!

1. Chicken Pesto Roulade

Rated: 8 / 10

Taste: Savory, juicy chicken, great sauce, fresh vegetables

2. Shabu-Shabu Al’s

Rated: 7.5 / 10

Taste: Savory, the soup was okay, love the enoki mushroom, noodles and the beef!

3. Prawn and Garlic Noodle

Rated: 8 / 10

Taste: Savory, the soup was okay, love the enoki mushroom, noodles and the beef!

4. Chocolate Tart

Rated: 7.2 / 10

Taste: Not too sweet. Good texture. The taste was so-so.

Overall, In my opinion, Al’s Catering is a really recommended catering service if you want to hold something like a wedding party. But I think the dishes don’t really fit for a standing party. 

To find out more about Al’s Catering, please kindly visit them

Al’s Catering

Jl. Lebak Bulus 1/ No. 52, Jakarta 12430Phone    : (021) 766 42 67/65Fax    : (021) 766 42 66


Thank you for reading!