Restaurant Review: The Playground, Jakarta

A cozy and fun place to catching up with your friends, loved ones or family!
Been here twice (first, the one in Street Gallery Pondok Indah and in Plaza Indonesia, Thamrin). Yes, once is not enough!
Venue: Unique furniture! There are Swing and merry-go-round-inspired chairs (classic chairs are also available, don’t worry).
Fish & Chips (IDR 78,000)
Served with coleslaw. The tartar sauce really made the fish and chips delicious!

 Truffle Fries (IDR 40,000)

The fries was crunchy. The salad underneath was fresh with great dressing. Totally a recommended appetizer!
Salmon Truffle Teriyaki (IDR 160,000)
Served with onion teriyaki sauce, string beans and nori. The salmon was cooked well, string beans are fresh and great sauce.
Al dente spaghetti, served with shitake mushrooms, chili and crunchy nori (seaweed). A little bit spicy!
Martabak Toblerone (IDR 45,000)
Regular martabak with neat plating. Delicious, but nothing special.
Queyaki Chicken Breast (IDR 65,000)
Grilled chicken breast served with sliced cheese, bitterballen  and everything. Great plating, right?

(Photo: Trianti Ayu A.)

The Playground’s Wagyu 9+ Autopsy Burger
Definitely the tallest burger I’ve ever seen! Served with cheese, tomatoes, onion, mushroom, chips. Perfectly cooked wagyu, great chips, and awesome seasonings! Dish of the night!

Come and taste it for yourself!

Have a nice weekend~~


Taste: 7.5 / 10

Neatness: 8.5 /10

Ambience: 8 / 10

Service: 8 / 10

The Playground

Plaza Indonesia 4F, Thamrin

Street Gallery GF, Pondok Indah



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