Restaurant Review: Pizza Marzano, Grand Indonesia

It was Hiroki’s farewell dinner. My friends and I decided to eat here because Hiroki wanted an Italian dinner. 

Pizza Marzano is located in Grand Indonesia, West Mall LG, near Kinokuniya book store. It has the same logo as Pizza Express, I think they’re in the same group. It’s not crowded in here, maybe because we came around 8 PM. The ambiance in this restaurant is good. Some drinks also can be refilled.

Dough Balls Formaggi (Rp 35,000)

The dough was baked with grana padano cheese, the dipping is made from garlic. A great appetizer!

Bakes Dough Balls Nutella (Rp 47,000)
In the menu, this dish is located in the dessert area, but my friends and I ate it first, lol. I’m not a big fan of nutella, but this dish is really delicious!

Spaghetti ai Gambaretti (Rp 80,000)
Spaghetti served with passata, prawns, garlic, crushed chili and parsley. The taste was a bit spicy, and the spaghetti was well cooked.

Fettucini Salmone (Rp 80,000)
Fettucini served with smoked salmon, asparagus, onions, and cream sauce. The taste was so-so. Savory and a little bit sweet. Hey, look, there’s a piece of cavatappi in the dish, lol.

Lasagna Classica (Rp 77,000)
Lasgana with bolognese sauce, tomatoes, béchamel sauce and grana padano cheese. The lasagna was cooked perfectly! Love the sauce too.

Affumicato Pizza (Rp 100,000)
Smoked chicken, cooked mushroom, mozzarella, and else for the topping. The crust is crispy. The taste itself, is standard.

Cavatappi Al Forno Alla Bolognese (Rp 78,000)
Béchamel sauce, bolognese sauce, mozzarella, grana padano cheese. Love how the cheese melts! This is my very first béchamel sauce, and it tasted great!


Taste: 7 / 10

Neatness: 8 /10

Ambiance: 8 / 10

Service: 7.5 / 10

For more info, you can also check their website:

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Have a nice long weekend, pals!




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