Green-T Cafe, Perpustakaan Pusat Universitas Indonesia

Green-T Cafe is located in Perpustakaan Pusat Universitas Indonesia GF. It’s a really cozy place to hang out with your college friends (esp if you’re a student in UI). This is a cafe where you can enjoy great foods with a wallet-friendly price. 

Venue: Wooden chairs & tables. Wifi and electrical plugs are available, so you can definitely bring your assignments here! 

– Green Tea Latte; it tastes great. Not so much different from Starbucks’ green tea, but of course, with lower price. You can add whip cream if you want to (additional price). 

– Waffle (with ice cream); The waffle was crunchy and coated with sugar. The ice cream wasn’t too sweet. But, I think it needs more maple syrup :p

 – Spaghetti; A spaghetti bolognese with garlic breads. Awesome plating, awesome taste! You’ll have the garlic breads in a separated plate. If you like it spicy, you can ask for additional chili. 


Taste: 7,5 / 10
Neatness: 8 / 10
Coziness: 7,5 / 10
Service: 7 / 10 


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