Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my website. My name is Leanne and I am the owner and designer here at PoppleBird Designs.

So here’s a little about me ….. well im a coffee drinking, chocolate eating, handbag hoarder, self confessed stationery junkie. My passion has always been into Art and Design, even from a young age of 3 walking round with crayons and paper in my handbag incase of my urgent need to draw. Now days im pretty much the same although I have certainly upgraded from wax crayons.

My design inspiration comes from a variety of places and everyday sources inspire such as looking at fashion, film, fabric and photography to places where I have travelled such as Venice and New York. I love to visit art galleries and museums and have a particular love for the 1920’s and 30’s way of living.

I have been in the working within the design industry for over 15 years with various qualifications under my belt including a degree in Graphic Design.

My style of design varies a lot with my love and passion for experimenting with different materials which I like to express through final products.

I have a love for creating ‘clean and simple cut’ designs with a modern twist and then on the opposite hand (which I have been told on many occassions) my trate of being a magpie where my love for the good old glitter and sparkle shines through. I adore anything vintage and have a huge passion for anything floral.

Its really important to me to work closely with each couple to make sure the utmost attention to detail is achieved. I strive in creating the perfect stationery for your wedding, event or special occassion. I will always go out of my way to design and produce beautiful and original stationery that will reflect the indiviuality and style of your perfect day.